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Understanding the Penis Pump

The penis pump is one of those inventions that has helped many men address their problem downstairs. Compared to some of the other options available in the penis enhancement market, the pump is perhaps the most complicated of the bunch. In fact, some consider it to be more complicated than creams and pills.

While a penis pump may seem like an easy-to-use instrument on paper, one must know the proper way to use them to avoid potential complications. This complexity in its operation has raised plenty of questions about its efficacy and overall reliability as a penis enhancement tool. Now before you even ask about efficacy and reliability, you should first ask yourself this question: Are you even sure that you’re using your penis pump the right way?

Parts of a Penis Pumps   

There are many different penis pump brands in the market and all of them share the same concept. While they may come in different shapes and sizes, all of them share the same 3 basic work parts.

  1. Airtight Cavity – this is where you put your penis during the whole enlargement process. The materials used for the airtight cavity differ with each pump and can range from hard plastic to fiber glass. The structure of your pump’s cavity should be durable enough to withstand a certain amount of pressure. At the same time it should also be large enough to accommodate different penis sizes.
  2. Pump – this is the part that draws out all of the air from the airtight cavity during the entire enlargement process. This part can often be found attached to the cavity by a length of tubing. This tubing is where the air passes out of the pump. Note that pumps can be operated either electronically or manually.
  3. Constriction ring or penis band – this is the part of the pump that provides a tight grip on the erect penis’ base. This helps keep the airtight cavity and keep the penis in length while it is being pumped. This part of the pump is located right around the airtight cavity’s base where the penis is inserted.

Absolute care must be observed whenever one is using a penis pump. Always remember to follow the instructions on the manual before you proceed to use the product. You should never pump too fast as it can cause the shaft to constrict which can result in a feeling of discomfort and even pain.

Battery operated penis pumps have automatic features that will require less manual intervention. Most basic pumps on the other hand operate in a manner similar to breast pumps. Despite all of these differences, all penis pumps need their users to follow some important basic steps.

Besides observing caution, knowing the various pumping techniques that one can utilize with a penis pump can help provide optimal results. It can also make the whole experience a whole lot better for the user. Remember that a penis pump can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use it.