Simple Tricks to be Acne-free

Acne is, indeed, a serious problem. Don’t be a hypocrite by saying that you don’t care, because in all truth, you do care. And that’s something that you shouldn’t be ashamed of. You’re never alone.

Talking to your trusted dermatologist is the probably the first thing that you would do when acne seems to be so out of control. If not, you buy yourself in catalogues of the latest acne treatments in the market, make a must-buy list and look at your credit card intently.

Not everyone, though, may invest in these treatments. But, there are acne alternatives that your cupboard and bridge can offer.

Here are some simple home based treatments that you can easily incorporate in your daily routine.

  1. Keep everything that touches your face clean. This includes all articles – handkerchiefs, towels, hairs, clips and so on. Though there is no direct evidence supporting the claim of dirt and acne formation, it is highly advised that you keep things clean. So if you have long hair and bangs; pull them up or clip them. Wash both your hair and face on a regular basis.
  2. Use gentle cleansers or acne soap when washing your face. A sulfur-based soap is extremely helpful in keeping acne at bay as it is designed to do so. Wash on a daily basis but do not overdo. There are studies showing that over-washing of the face tends to stimulate the oil glands to over-react, thus, producing more oil and making you more prone to acne formation.
  3. Use make-up less frequently. Make up is thick, and its compounds can clog up pores. If you couldn’t do away with make-up; don’t sleep with them. Remember to wash them off before retiring to sleep.
  4. Never prick or squeeze your pimples. This may remove the unsightly pus-filled sight. But, this is a temporary resolve. After a while, you’ll get to see scars forming.
  5. honey masksInvest on honey masks – whether synthetically produced or naturally-occurring honey. Honey is a potent antibacterial compound that is an effective means to disinfect the skin and heal scars. For best results, apply honey on your face once or twice a week.
  6. Citrus fruits in your fridge can help you alleviate acne symptoms. Citrus fruits are high in alpha hydroxyl acids which are potent compounds in removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores and decreasing acne scars.
  7. Cereals or oats on your face. This is not a fluke. As you might have noticed in the market, there are many synthetic masks made of oats or whole grains. These yummy food products contain azelaic acid – a potent antibacterial compound that can rid your skin of acne-related issues.
  8. Tea tree oils are also effective means of preventing acne exacerbation. For years, these essential oils have been used to treat many skin hitches.
  9. Chromium is an important element effective in both weight loss and skin repair. One supplement a day can help foster a good skin healing venue which might prevent future acne breakouts.

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