Heavy-Duty Rollers Wheels

There are two primary types of heavy-duty rollers wheels: hard and soft treaded. The former provides a comfortable ride and the latter protects delicate floor surfaces. They are typically made of mold-on rubber or thermoplastic. Soft treads provide the wheels with a cushioning effect and reduce noise levels. However, they also lower the overall load capacity of the caster. Common soft tread caster wheels are made of polyurethane or thermoplastic rubber on a plastic core. They are commonly used in processing plants and medical equipment. They can also be used in areas with light-to-medium loads. What is the effect of too much caster? Heavy duty rollers wheels can be purchased in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some are swivel, while others are fixed. Fixed rollers are more expensive than swivel heavy-duty castors. Heavy-duty casters can have different slewing rings depending on the load capacity. They can also have grease nipples. Heavy-duty wheels can be made with steel, glass-filled nylon, or polyamide. The former has excellent abrasion resistance and can operate on a variety of floor surfaces. They can withstand extreme heat up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, mild chemicals, and greasy floors. They also have low rolling resistance. Another option is to purchase heavy-duty caster wheels that can accommodate a load of up to 650 pounds. This type will help to reduce the physical strain on employees when moving large loads. In addition, they make component parts easier to move within a facility.