How to Make a Michael Myers Costume For Halloween

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Michael Myers Costume

If you’re a horror movie fan, you can transform yourself into the infamous Michael Myers this Halloween. This costume includes the classic jumpsuit and burned synthetic mask. It’s the same costume as the adult version, but scaled down to fit a child. It’s perfect for the budding horror movie fan.

Perfect For The Halloween Nighttime Look

While Michael Myers may be known for being a serial killer, his crimes are more like the work of a mad scientist. His mangled hair is evidence of his mad science. He’s also famous for being able to stab and shoot his victims. Despite being shot and stabbed multiple times, he continues to perform his evil tasks. Even psychopaths have bad hair days. A raggedly worn mask is perfect for the Halloween nighttime look.

A Michael Myers costume is easy to make. You’ll need a blue jumpsuit with an elastic waistband, vinyl mask, and a pair of men’s coveralls. You can also add accessories like a knife, a prop, or a pumpkin. And don’t forget the prop knife!

Michael Myers was a troubled child who had several abnormal dreams. These nightmares shaped his life in a negative way. Eventually, he killed his sister, Judith, while her parents were out. His sister Judith wanted to spend some time alone with Michael, but Michael didn’t appreciate this idea and killed her.

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