Why Living In Wichita Is A Good Idea

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Wichita is a cosmopolitan city located in south-western Kansas. exploration place features hands-on education displays, science displays and Kansas’s Miniature, an interactive display of hand-crafted miniatures depicting 1950s Kansas. Old Town Museum recreates nineteenth-century living with old brick buildings and colorful costumed guides.

Museum of World Knowledge: Kansas’s only museum of reference books showcases rare books, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers and other periodicals from all over the world. Featured are volumes about Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. A favorite exhibit is “The Book of Wisdom – Book of Answers.” Other attractions include “The Art of Photography,” “NSA: Southwestern States Air Force Association,” “The Art of Jewelry Making,” and “Artistry in Wichita.”

Wichita’s award winning Opera House presents musical productions of all types each season. “The Nutcracker” and “Carousel” are especially popular. Wichita Opera House is open for evenings during the summer season as well as all day on weekdays. The theater is located in midtown downtown.

Wichita’s proximity to nationally recognized arts organizations provides opportunities for local artists. Sixth Street Arts Festival features free live music every Friday night all through the year as well as a number of exhibits and special events featuring national talent. For children, the Children’s Theatre presents summer concerts featuring exciting local kids talent. The Lyric Theatre Company, Kansas City Theatre and Circle One presents several high quality musical productions and concerts throughout the year.

Wichita’s proximity to Johnson County University provides many art programs for students. Undergraduate and graduate programs offer a variety of concentrations, including the Masters of Fine Arts program. Several galleries and other art establishments offer exhibitions and special sales throughout the year. There are also student-organized events, such as film festivals and symposiums, as well as traditional events such as Jazz Fest.

Wichita’s thriving music scene provides another rich assortment of musical opportunities. Wichita Folk Festival features bluegrass, folk bands, traditional acoustic artists and others each weekend in February. The same is true of Wichita’s summer season which features a wide variety of music and dance. And there are plenty of other local festivals, fundraisers and special events that bring arts and culture to life in Wichita.

Finally, one of the most important areas to note is the visual arts. Wichita has a long standing tradition of producing artistic masterpieces ranging from professional artists to the children’s artist. Several famous painters have lived in Wichita and produced some of their best work while living in this area. These include Pulitzer Prize winner Willem Dafoe and his wife, Remi Dafoe, and their son, Jasper Dafoe. There are also many professional artists based in Wichita. Two of the most prominent include the pop artist Andy Warhol (Whitelyville) and the photographer, Robert Capra, who has lived and worked here since leaving Hollywood.

As you can see, there are many ways to engage your mind and body in the rich world of Wichita’s creative community. There are countless art studios, museums, and performance spaces to explore. For the full effect, schedule some time to enjoy the town’s nightlife. There is plenty to do and see in a town packed with creative energy. And, the fun never ends with events like the annual Jazz Festival, which celebrates jazz in Wichita with a series of free performances by local and national talent.

These and other arts activities can be enjoyed by everyone from the family to the business professional. If you are looking for a place where you or a loved one can learn about the rich history and culture of Wichita’s African-American community while experiencing a wide range of contemporary arts activities, consider a home in Wichita. The friendly, welcoming people and beautiful scenery will make your visit a memorable one. Plan your next vacation in Wichita and take a look around.

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